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 Story of The Judge. [Journal]

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Story of The Judge. [Journal] Empty
PostSubject: Story of The Judge. [Journal]   Story of The Judge. [Journal] EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 10:16 pm

Journal entry 1, December 15 2011:Crimes were happening all around. Most being ignored, and those caught... getting a small penalty. It was a society lacking any justice, where even the cops were corrupted. That's why I had to do this... During a search, i found this courthouse, abandoned and some parts completely destroyed... It took me a while, but I got it back in shape. Added some new features as well. Good thing i had some guys to help me. Now then, it's time to search for some culprits...

Journal Entry 2, December 24 2011: I've caught winds of some nice culprits. Words spread fast in the underworld... A murderer on the run, some kids going berserk and such... I think they would make nice toys for this... Judgement needs to befall on them. It's time to go for them. I'll need to knock them out, set the poison helmet and get them in a truck before locking them in their cell... This is going to be fun.

Journal Entry 3, January 12 2012: They had their fun, now i'll have my fun. I caught some potent criminals. If the Society couldn't judge them, then I will. And it won't be a mere slap punishment... Lives at stakes, Traitors... I wonder, how will they fare when they'll wake up tomorrow? Especially those helmets... I hope they like them, cause it isn't just a booby trap, it's a key to reaching a new part.

This is the journal of Judge, which can be found in the Records Room (Cannot be accessed right now.). The roleplay begins on January 13, a Friday. A nice day isn't it?
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Story of The Judge. [Journal]
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