Note: this forum is in English, so if you can't speak it, don't join. We can help you learn it during the roleplay too.
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 Rules on this forum.

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Rules on this forum. Empty
PostSubject: Rules on this forum.   Rules on this forum. EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 2:08 pm

This will be simple and short, i hate making long rules sheet. But there is a code to find in this so read carefully.

1. This rp is in no mean directed to hurt somebody. If you take it by heart, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. So don't come crying later that your character is being insulted and such, it's only a character.

2. Insults between players are not accepted in any kinds. But between characters, it is. Thus why I've written the first rule. But please, don,t go swearing in every post, that's not elegant at all. If your character is a complete thug, i can understand, but if you,re a man who is governed by gluttony and start swearing like you only know this... It doesn't make sense.

3 This is for the avatars. The maximum size that i allow is 200 pixel by 400, don't go bigger then that or else i'll change it myself (Changing it as in putting a whole new picture in it). You can take an anime based avatar or a real based avatar, but i'd prefer anime based ^^'

4. Smileys are not allowed during the roleplay, only in the ooc zone. You'll get a warning if you make some in your posts in the roleplay and presentation zone.

5. After 3 warning, you're banned for 24 hours. If you get another warning when you come back, it's for 2 days and so on. it keeps doubling after each warning. But if you do something major, it might be an automatic ban for life.

6. You are not allowed to kill the character of somebody else without his own accord. Reason? It would be really sad to be out of the rp because somebody thought he was superior to the others. if you do kill somebody without his own accord, you're banned for life and get a nice and painful death, all done by me of course.

7. Double accounts are allowed after you've done a moth and 50 posts on the forum. And you need the approval of the only admin on this website. if i find out that you got a double account without my approval, it'll get deleted.

8. This forum won't allow mature content except in the restricted parts. there is a category that nobody can see unless they are part of a special group. if you want to have access to it, you'll have to say it in the presentation. Otherwise, don't you dare say something too sexual. Mask Society lives on.

9. Violence is allowed, Gore is allowed as well, obviously if this forum goes in the horror theme. But if you want to rip another member's arm apart, you'll need to discuss with him first. Don't go doing something that the other doesn't like. But punching and kicking doesn't need to be warned, you can do it. I simply don't want any godmodding like: I punched him hard enough and he was sent flying in the wall. The other guy can evade your punch or can also counter it. Don't say it reached the target without knowing.

10. If you sign up on the forum, you need to have a full name as a pseudo. Not something like rek165. I want a full name like i have, Sieg Vandelius. You will get a warning if you come in without a full name.

11. During the Roleplay, i don,t wnat simple lines where the character says one thing but we don,t see any movement. I want movements of the character, how he reacts and such. I also want capitals and dots. Not a bad written english.

12. You cannot post in the other categories if you are not accepted, so don't try. Do your presentations then, if you,re accepted, you'll be able to participate.

13. You need to do more then 1 line. I request 3 lines minimum. It ain,t hard and allows for a better understanding as well as more interesting roleplay.

That is all. What, you missed the code? Look again, it's there.
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Rules on this forum.
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